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Good Friends Make Great Neighbors!
If you know someone who’s looking for a great West Sacramento apartment rental, refer them to Courtyard Village and receive a credit toward your rent (please contact your apartment leasing office for the current resident referral bonus*).
To be eligible, you must be a current resident in good standing at the time your friend moves in. The resident referral bonus will be applied to your rental account after they’ve moved in. Don’t delay, the more you refer the more you earn!

HOT OFF THE PRESS - Tenant Online Portal

Manage your account with the Courtyard Village Tenant Portal. See Your Ledger, Documents, Maintenance Requests, Work Oders and have Direct Communication with your Property Manager. Create an account today by contacting your leasing agent or you can register by sending an email to and include your name, phone number and apartment number. Please write Register Me in the subject of your email.

4th annual Easter Egg Hunt - April 12, 2014

Join Courtyard Village Apartments for our fourth annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 12th. Contact the office and watch for a flyer for more information.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day: 4th Thursday of April

Acting on research that showed adolescent girls received less attention than boys, this day was initiated in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The intention was to give girls additional direct attention and an insight into work world opportunities available to them. It was to serve the multiple purpose of increased self esteem for young girls as well as give them some ideas of the wealth of careers in the world. Thirdly, it allowed them more one-on-one time with mom or dad.

It quickly took off and became extremely popular. Girls would go off to work with mom or dad, or even an aunt or uncle. They would spend the day seeing just what their sponsors job involved. It was limited only by the practicality of allowing a youthful, non-employee in a particular job environment. It works well in office environments, but proves impractical in many blue collar jobs, or where safety can be an issue.

It 's popularity quickly sparked interest by the boys, who soon felt left out and were required to go to school for the day, while the girls "got the day off". As a result, the day has turned into "Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day" in many areas. While this takes away from the original intent to give more attention to adolescent girls, it has become a valuable and popular career day opportunity for girls and boys alike.

Patriots Day - April 21, 2014 (Third Monday)

Some people know little or nothing about Patriot's Day. To New Englander's, it is a big, big day. In the states in New England, it's a holiday with a day off of work. Banks, schools, post offices, and businesses have the day off.

Patriot's Day commemorates the Battle of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. This battle began the American Revolutionary War. It also honors the "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere", that evening when Paul Revere rode through town warning the colonists that  "The Red Coats are coming!"

April Fools Day  April 1st

Traditionally, April Fool's Day is an opportunity for playing jokes or tricks on one another. The stranger and the more absurd the better. The challenge is to carry out a trick that is believable, if only for a little while. Tricks are most successful if played earlier in the day before a person is wise to what is going on. Younger children are also more gullible.

Any tricks or jokes must be harmless and in good taste for the unsuspecting "victim". And, we suggest you think twice before pulling one on the boss, even if he or she is know to be of good humor.










Calendar of Events

April 1st Rent is due / April Fools Day

April 6th Rent is late (fees applied)

April 12th 4th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

April 18th Good Friday

April 20th Easter Sunday

April 21st Patriots Day

Happy Easter

Easter Brain Teaser

It was Easter in Easter village and all the Easter bunnies are joyful. The annual Easter egg hunt was just finished. The Easter egg hunt is where four Easter bunnies search for any of the four colored eggs and then cross the finish line. Can you figure out which Easter bunny found which egg and what place they finished?

Easter bunnies- Mr Hops, Jumper, Long Ears, and Mrs. Littlenose

Easter Eggs- blue, red, green, and yellow

1. Long Ears did not finish in 2nd place.
2. Jumper did not finish in 1st
3. Long Ears found the red Easter egg.
4. The bunny that finished in 2nd did not find the green egg.
5. Mr. Hops did not find the blue egg.
6. Littlenose did not finish in 2nd.
7. The bunny that found the blue egg did not finish in 1st or 2nd.
8. Hops finished in 4th.