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Good Friends Make Great Neighbors!
If you know someone who’s looking for a great West Sacramento apartment rental, refer them to Courtyard Village and receive a credit toward your rent (please contact your apartment leasing office for the current resident referral bonus*).
To be eligible, you must be a current resident in good standing at the time your friend moves in. The resident referral bonus will be applied to your rental account after they’ve moved in. Don’t delay, the more you refer the more you earn!

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April 2015 Newsletter

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Earth Day, April 29th

Earth Day seeks to bring attention to and promote efforts dedicated to the protection of the environment.  This day started as a US observance in 1970 as a way to bring about awareness of ecological problems.  Today, it is celebrated by billions of people around the world and is observed in over 190 countries.  In 2009, the United Nations gave their approval and support to this observance.  Worldwide, Earth Day celebrations utilize educational programs to inform people of ways they can help protect the environment and our natural resources.  It is observed on April 22nd and is celebrated as International Earth Day.







Calendar of Events

April 1st Rent is due (April Fools Day)

April 5th Easter

April 6th Rent is late (fees applied)

April 15th Tax Day (Taxes Due)

April 24th Arbor Day

April 29th Earth Day

Don't Forget to Conserve

Aprils Fools Day

Despite having no official recognition, April 1 has long been celebrated as a day to celebrate, well, foolishness to be exact. More specifically, April Fools’ Day is about making other people look stupid with practical jokes.

As dearly as we hold the tradition of making fools of the people we care about, there’s little more than theories about where April Fools’ Day came from. Figuring out the origins of the holiday can be as tricky as getting to the source of a joke.

The most common theory about the earliest April Fools’ celebrations goes like this: In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued a papal bull decreeing a new standard calendar for Christian Europe that would take his name and centuries later become the standard internationally in the 21st century.